Noom Product Review

Time for the long-awaited Noom Product Review.


Help people everywhere lead healthier lives through behavior change.

This is at the pointy end of a paradigm shift for the weight loss industry.  For years we all have toiled away working on our diets in secret, watching the scales and inches in our private safety zone.

Then came the Weight Watchers and Atkins with the community of support networks, where like people would meeting regularly in person as a support network for each other. This joining together was the start of understanding the behavioral aspect of any successful weight loss program.

Along comes Noom  

Noom is all about making long-term  behavioral and social changes to achieve weight-loss goals

It does not tell you what to eat where to buy it, or even how to cook. Its core tenant is not to make you dependent on an app or certain food but rather make you learn to make better decisions where ever you are, the office, the store, the restaurant or home with your family

Noom’s Technology Partner is already in your hand.

Why it’s so successful is that we as a society are SOOOO dependent on the phone, by having the Noom app at your fingertips it is more engaging and thus more likely for buy-in and thus success.

We live on our phones and having all their proprietary information available through the phone Noom makes it easy to engage and stay engaged with the product. Thus why we needed to write this Noom Product Review

Noom does not have a narrow focus on how it can help people but rather have the ability to cater to user unique requirements as they state during the set up what their focus is.

Noom is a collection of tools to aid the user to achieve their long term Goal. Yes, it is not a whiz-bang tool giving short term results.   These tools include;

  • Food Logging
  • Exercise Logging
  • Weight Logging
  • Expert Coach Check-Ins for Goal Setting
  • Group Chat with a Group Coach Moderator
  • Searchable Recipes
  • A new way to categorize food
  • A behavior change education program

Food color system on Noom

The Noom Diet uses a green, yellow, red system, like a traffic light, to help you easily categorize food. All foods are allowed under Noom’s system, and no foods at all are off-limits. Even that glass of wine at the end of the day, if it fits in your budget.

There is the key –  your Calorie Budget

Having the color-coded food system is validation to treat my body right again. “I’m worthy of healthy foods.” And that took a while to realize. When you battle with your weight, you can even use fruits and veggies to beat yourself up. Deep, right?

Chatting is easy.

Chats with are easy to the Noom Goal Specialist  but also Noom Coaches include but are not limited to registered dietitians, Exercise Physiologists, Social Workers, Certified Personal Trainers.

“There was never any sense of judgment or right or wrong. The goal coaches (and group coaches…and group mates for that matter) are all supportive, empathetic and kind. I say, coaches, because they are real people and twice during my program my main goal coach had the day off and another goal coach would cover for her. I was never without support.”

Chat is an easy way to self support your self with affirmation with your One on One specialist. But also Noom allows for moderated group discussions where you can collectively share experiences and concerns

Noom is not aiming to be a life long pattern but rather a tool to help you change habits and find new healthier habits. Its pricing lasts for a set number of weeks, or until you want to stop.

Overall Noom is aimed at people who at phone co-dependent who embrace the social network that is no embedded in society. Research has found that Noom assists in the long term weight loss and changing your behavior is more like to retain that weight loss over time.

Noom Product Review

We hope that this Noom Product Review has been helpful and is the start of many product reviews.

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