Post Thanksgiving Detox

5 Ways To Detox After Thanksgiving Without Turning To A Juice Cleanse.

It’s the week after Thanksgiving and if you’re seriously hurting, we don’t blame you. You ate tons of stuffing, drank an entire bottle of wine and polished it off with five slices of pecan pie. Time for a Post Thanksgiving Detox.

While there’s no question you had a delicious, fun-filled day, chances are you’re not exactly feeling your best.

You’re bloated and hungover, and you’re pretty sure the 15 minutes of running you just did didn’t undo much of yesterday’s damage.

You feel so disgusting you’re contemplating a juice cleanse. But is it worth the light-headedness and constant hunger just to get back on track?

Good news, people who don’t feel like subsisting on liquid for days: You don’t have to!

The first thing you should know is your body is pretty damn good at healing itself.

As nutritionist Lisa Hayim explains to Elite Daily,

Our bodies, under normal conditions, are well equipped to do the detoxification job. Both the kidney and liver are usually effective at filtering our blood, creating a balance and eliminating waste and toxins. That means, there are plenty of other ways to rebound after a weekend of too much drinking and eating.

In other words, you don’t need juice to cleanse. But you can do a few things to help your body out along the way — and they don’t require much work at all.

Time for the Post Thanksgiving Detox!!!!

Skip the packaging.

While your body can get back on track on its own, putting great stuff into your body a few days after your Thanksgiving meal will help speed up the detox process.

Hayim recommends skipping anything packaged that’s full of “toxins” (like sodium and preservatives) and going straight for the good stuff. Think whole foods and tons of veggies.

She tells Elite Daily,

Focus on whole, raw, fresh foods — especially fruits and vegetables. Foods like raw baby carrots, bell peppers and salads can flush the body with micronutrients and make a delicious snack. Try to have at least one fruit a day and one source of greens (a good place to get greens is by throwing them in your smoothie).

That doesn’t sound too hard, right?


Ah, the power of water.

Post Thanksgiving Detox - Hydrate

Drinking tons of it will get the bad stuff out of your body fast, so get going on that one ASAP.

Hayim explains,

Hydration cannot be stressed enough during this time. While your liver and kidneys are working hard to filter the blood, consuming enough water is essential for keeping things moving quickly and fluidly. Begin your day with at least 16 ounces of water, preferably warm, and focus on consuming all day long.

Is warm water too bland for you? Health coach Emily Littlefield recommends green tea, as it will keep you warm, hydrated and energized.

Eat small meals.

Post Thanksgiving Detox - Small Meals

Although you may be tempted to eat as little as possible after treating your body like crap for a few days, it’s best to eat several small, nutritious meals throughout the day to get your metabolism back on track.

Nutritionist Michelle Blum advises,

Think roughly 200-250 calories, five to six times throughout the day. Focus on foods packed with nutrition such as fruits, veggies, lean proteins and healthy fats that will help restore vitamins and minerals, which are the tools your body needs to run.

Eating six times a day doesn’t sound too shabby if you ask me.

Focus on healthy fats.

In case you haven’t heard, fat will not make you fat.

Healthy fats give you energy and keep you full for longer, helping you maintain healthy body weight.

And when you’re coming off a day (or four) of filling your body with too much alcohol and high-calorie food with little nutritional value, you’ll need to incorporate these healthy fats into your diet.

Blum explains that healthy fats like nuts, flaxseed oil, and avocado help reduce inflammation, which will help get your body back on track a whole lot faster.

Avocado toast, anyone?


Post Thanksgiving Detox Exercise

Exercise is great for lifting your mood, burning calories, and busting stress.

It’s also key in coming off that “toxic” Thanksgiving meal (or meals) of yours.

Although the long run might be a little too intense at first, try going for a brisk walk to get your body back on its exercise track. Then find a way to sweat.

Hayim tells Elite Daily,

Another way our body detoxifies is through sweat. In this winter months, it’s not always easy to work up a sweat. Try a hot yoga practice or a steam room, and remember to hydrate afterward!

We’re not sure about hot yoga, but that steam room sounds pretty awesome.

Don’t get us wrong, eating everything in sight on Thanksgiving is awesome. Just make sure you take care of your body after with a simple Post Thanksgiving Detox.

Holiday Weight Loss Tips

It’s easy to get swept up in the holiday season. This combination of religious and national celebrations can help keep the cold winter away. But the feasts and parties that mark it can tax the arteries and strain the waistline. So here is some holiday weight loss tips for any age.

The problems is a a little here and a little there .. I mean you cant be rude or in hospitable . But remember your need to look after your health is bigger especially as we age . We all want to see more more holidays with loved ones.

By eating just 200 extra calories a day — ou could pack on two to three pounds over this five- to six-week period.  That is easy around my familty get togethers. That doesn’t sound like much, except few people shed that extra weight in the following months and years.

You don’t need to deprive yourself, eat only boring foods, or take your treats with a side order of guilt. Instead, by practicing a bit of defensive eating and cooking,

You can come through the holidays without making “go on an another diet” one of your New Year’s resolutions.


Here some tips I found that make a lot of sense

  1. Budget wisely. Don’t eat everything at feasts and parties. Be choosy and spend calories judiciously on the foods you love.
  2. Take 10 before taking seconds. It takes a few minutes for your stomach’s “I’m getting full” signal to get to your brain. After finishing your first helping, take a 10-minute break. Make conversation. Drink some water. Then recheck your appetite. You might realize you are full or want only a small portion of seconds.
  3. Distance helps the heart stay healthy. At a party, don’t stand next to the food table. That makes it harder to mindlessly reach for food as you talk. If you know you are prone to recreational eating, pop a mint or a stick of gum so you won’t keep reaching for the chips.
  4. Don’t go out with an empty tank. Before setting out for a party, eat something so you don’t arrive famished. Excellent pre-party snacks combine complex carbohydrates with protein and unsaturated fat, like apple slices with peanut butter or a slice of turkey and cheese on whole-wheat pita bread.
  5. Drink to your health. A glass of eggnog can set you back 500 calories; wine, beer, and mixed drinks range from 150 to 225 calories. If you drink alcohol, have a glass of water or juice-flavored seltzer in between drinks.
  6. Avoid alcohol on an empty stomach. Alcohol increases your appetite and diminishes your ability to control what you eat.
  7. Put on your dancing (or walking) shoes. Dancing is a great way to work off some holiday calories. If you are at a family gathering, suggest a walk before the feast or even between dinner and dessert.
  8. Make room for veggies. At meals and parties, don’t ignore fruits and vegetables. They make great snacks and even better side or main dishes — unless they’re slathered with creamy sauces or butter.
  9. Be buffet savvy. At a buffet, wander ’round the food table before putting anything on your plate. By checking out all of your options, you might be less inclined to pile on items one after another.
  10. Don’t shop hungry. Eat before you go shopping so the scent of Cinnabons or caramel corn doesn’t tempt you to gobble treats you don’t need.
  11. Cook from (and for) the heart. To show family and friends that you reallycare about them, be creative with recipes that use less butter, cream, lard, vegetable shortening, and other ingredients rich in saturated fats. Prepare turkey or fish instead of red meat.
  12. Pay attention to what really matters. Although food is an integral part of the holidays, put the focus on family and friends, laughter and cheer. If balance and moderation are your usual guides, it’s okay to indulge or overeat once in a while.

Remember that following these Holiday Weight Loss Tips can help your come January when we all go hmm need to lose some pounds……..

What is Keto?

One of the hottest diet “fads” at the moment is Keto Diet. So what is Keto Diet?

In the world of weight-loss diets, low-carbohydrate, high-protein eating plans often grab attention. The Paleo, South Beach, and Atkins diets all fit into that category. They are sometimes referred to as ketogenic or “keto” diets.

How It Works

The premise of the ketogenic diet for weight loss is that if you deprive the body of glucose—the main source of energy for all cells in the body, which is obtained by eating carbohydrate foods—an alternative fuel called ketones is produced from stored fat (thus, the term “keto”-genic). The brain demands the most glucose in a steady supply, about 120 grams daily because it cannot store glucose. During fasting, or when very little carbohydrate is eaten, the body first pulls stored glucose from the liver and temporarily breaks down muscle to release glucose. If this continues for 3-4 days and stored glucose is fully depleted, blood levels of a hormone called insulin decrease, and the body begins to use fat as its primary fuel. The liver produces ketone bodies from fat, which can be used in the absence of glucose.

The Diet

There is not one “standard” ketogenic diet with a specific ratio of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, fat). The ketogenic diet typically reduces total carbohydrate intake to less than 50 grams a day—less than the amount found in a medium plain bagel—and can be as low as 20 grams a day. Generally, popular ketogenic resources suggest an average of 70-80% fat from total daily calories, 5-10% carbohydrate, and 10-20% protein. For a 2000-calorie diet, this translates to about 165 grams fat, 40 grams carbohydrate, and 75 grams protein. The protein amount on the ketogenic diet is kept moderate in comparison with other low-carb high-protein diets because eating too much protein can prevent ketosis. The amino acids in protein can be converted to glucose, so a ketogenic diet specifies enough protein to preserve lean body mass including muscle, but that will still cause ketosis.

What are the side effects of the ketogenic diet?

People who begin the diet often develop “Keto Flu,” as their bodies get accustomed to eating fewer carbs. During this time you may experience headaches, nausea, fogginess, muscle cramps and fatigue. Symptoms last about a week, but staying hydrated and getting ample sleep will help with cramps and exhaustion.

Other potential keto risks include these:

  • Nutrient deficiency.
  • Liver problems.
  • Kidney problems.
  • Constipation.
  • Fuzzy thinking and mood swings.

Those risks add up — so make sure that you talk to a doctor and a registered dietitian before ever attempting a ketogenic diet.

Bottom Line

A ketogenic diet may be an option for some people who have had difficulty losing weight with other methods. The exact ratio of fat, carbohydrate, and protein that is needed to achieve health benefits will vary among individuals due to their genetic makeup and body composition. Therefore, if one chooses to start a ketogenic diet, it is recommended to consult with one’s physician and a dietitian to closely monitor any biochemical changes after starting the regimen, and to create a meal plan that is tailored to one’s existing health conditions and to prevent nutritional deficiencies or other health complications. A dietitian may also guide reintroducing carbohydrates once weight loss is achieved.

Online Answers to What is Keto Diet

Online there are many resources to help you that covers all gambit of how to diet

Keto Food Delivery …. More to come

Best Weight Loss Programs For Men Over 50 Period

The Best Weight Loss Programs out there

Losing weight is not easy especially when it comes to Weight loss for Men. Therefore, we have the best weight loss programs for men over 50. However, do not forget to consult your dietician before getting into any one of these.

Noom Diet

Noom is a weight-loss app offering personalized meal-planning service. Designed by behavioral psychologists, the diet is aimed at helping you lose weight by tricking your body into building healthy habits by encouraging eating real, whole foods and more nutrient-dense meals and snacks as often as possible for long-term changes.

Noom is a health app and focuses on making physical, sustainable lifestyle modifications rather than encouraging more extreme methods of eating like cutting out specific food groups or nutrients. That is what makes it perfect for the elderly however you’ll have to pay for this personalized coaching in your pocket. Here is how it works;

  •  Generates a custom calorie breakdown based on a sequence of lifestyle questions
  •  Tracks the foods you consume
  •  Record exercise, blood pressure, weight, and blood sugar
  •  Provide one on one health coaching during business hours
  •  Keep you motivated with interactive articles and quizzes

Keto Diet

Keto diet is linked to increased bone health, improved insulin resistance, reduced joint pain & inflammation, and helping other age-related illnesses, which makes it an ideal choice for people over 50. The thing is that if you want to lose weight after 50, you must focus on what not to eat which includes processed and high-carb foods, which are also a source of energy.


Keto diet helps you obtain energy without consuming high-carb foods and works by producing ketones that are only produced when there are so few carbs that energy must be attained by breaking down fatty acids. When the body doesn’t get enough glucose for energy, it begins burning stored fat, which results in a build-up of ketones.

In Keto, you consume fat-rich foods that are low in carbs yet high in nutrition meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and cheese, which cause glucose levels to fall. Then lipase releases triglycerides, and fatty acids travel to the liver where the liver produces ketones into energy.  However, you must consult a nutritionist before committing to Keto.

Dubrow Diet

Dubrow diet is the no. 1 new nutrition release on Amazon with life-changing promises. Intermittent fasting is the weapon of the Dubrow diet. Although intermittent fasting is not a secret nut how you observe it is actually what makes the difference.

There are several ways to go about intermittent fasting, but the book is very specific for sticking to time-restricted fasting. It means you only eat during a particular window of time an entire day and fast the rest of the day, calling it a “reset” (fast) and “refuel” (feast) schedule. The book provides a complete guide on how and how many calories to consume each day with their sources. The book also presents the definitive research on intermittent fasting and has three-phase with some rules to do intermittent fasting.

Satiating Diet

It is an eating plan intended for lasting weight loss or maintenance without going to extremes and recommends consuming the following every day:

  • 4 servings of whole fruits
  • 4 servings of whole vegetables
  • 5 servings of whole grains (with at least 4 g of fiber per serving)
  • 4 servings of lean protein in every meal or split into snacks
  • 1 snack

Here is the nutrient breakdown:

  • 45–50% of calories from carbohydrates
  • 30–35% of calories from fat
  • 20–25% of calories from protein

Satiating diet is much easier than Keto and focuses on a healthy diet for keeping you fueled and energized and prescribes eating nutrient-dense foods that make you feel satisfied while still losing weight.

The Atkins Diet

It is a low-carb diet, widely recommended for weight loss and is highly effective for weight loss because decreased carbs and increased protein consumption leads to reduced appetite.

The Atkins follows 4 different phases:

Induction: take 20 grams of carbs each day for 2 weeks eating high-fat, high-protein, with low-carb vegetables like leafy greens to kick-start the weight loss.

Balancing: add more nuts, small amounts of fruit, and low-carb vegetables back to your diet slowly.

Fine-tuning: add more carbs to your diet when you’re close to your weight goal to slow it down.

Maintenance: enjoy as many healthy carbs as your body can stand without regaining the weight.


WW (Weight Watchers)


WW is a widely popular program for weight loss. It doesn’t restrict you to any food groups but encourages people to eat within their set daily points to reach their desired weight.

The point-based system assigns different foods and beverages a value, conditional to their calorie, fat, and fiber contents and you strictly stay within your daily point allowance. Studies show that WW is highly effective for long-term weight loss and is also very flexible.

This is only a sampling of the Best Weight Loss Programs and is based on my research.

What Weight Loss Methods Should I Choose

What Weight Loss Methods Should I Choose


Maintaining a healthy weight or dropping excess body fat can be difficult for many people as they age. Unhealthy lifestyles, including inactivity, poor dietary picks, and metabolic changes can all contribute to weight gain after the age of 50. So What Weight Loss Methods should I consider?

However, with a few little adjustments, you can lose weight regardless of your age, physical abilities, or medical diagnoses. Here are the 7 best and practical ways to lose weight after 50.

Sit less stand more - Weight Loss Methods

Sit Less and Move More

It is critical to burning more calories than you take in to lose excess body fat. Therefore, being active throughout your day is central when trying to lose weight.

For example, sitting at your home or job for longer periods might be the reason behind you gaining more weight. To deal with this, you can become more active by simply getting up from your chair or desk and go for a five-minute walk every single hour. You can also track your steps using a pedometer as research shows them to help boost weight loss by growing your activity levels and calorie expenditure.

Talk to a dietitian - Weight Loss Methods

Talk to a dietitian

Following eating, the pattern can help promote both weight loss and nourish your body. However, you cannot find one yourself. Studies show that working with a dietitian can lead to considerably better weight loss results than going at it alone.

That is why we would recommend you to consult a registered dietitian to help you identify the best way to lose excess body weight without having to follow an excessively restrictive diet. Furthermore, a dietitian can also guide you throughout your weight loss journey like guiding on a diet for a 50-year-old man to lose weight.

Intermittent Fasting for weight loss - Weight Loss Methods

Try intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting may sound intense, but it merely refers to eat methodically during a particular period of the day instead of eating whenever you want. By limiting your food intake to scheduled hours of the day, your body will shift from using glucose for energy to consuming ketones. These ketones are derived from fat and therefore your body will consequently be losing weight.

Avoid Processed Foods - Weight Loss Methods

Rely less on convenience foods

Regular consumption of convenience foods, such as fast food, processed snacks, and the candy is linked with weight gain and may also impede your weight loss efforts especially over 50.

These foods are usually high in calories and tend to be very low in vital nutrients such as fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. That is why fast food and other processed foods called “empty calories.” Cutting back on such foods and swapping them with nutritious snacks and meals would be a smart way to lose weight over 50.

Eat a whole-foods-based diet

Whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, poultry, seeds, fish, and grains, are packed with nutrients vital for maintaining a healthy body and bodyweights like fiber, healthy fats, and protein. Tons of studies emphasize on whole-food-based diets, including both plant-based foods and animal products, to be immensely helpful with weight loss.

So, start following a diet rich in whole foods to make sure that you are giving your body the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Reduce Night time meals

Eat less at night

Many studies show that eating fewer calories at night can help maintain healthy body weight and even lose excess body fat, especially in older people as their metabolism changes may not handle heavy eating at night.

Consuming more calories at night is also linked with developing metabolic syndrome, a condition causing high blood sugar and excess belly fat. Thus, take the majority of your calories at breakfast and lunch and eat light at dinner to promote weight loss.

Drink water to stay hydrated

Limit added sugars & Hydrate the healthy way

Drinks like sweetened coffee beverages, juices, soda, sports drinks, and pre-made smoothies are frequently packed with quite a lot of calories and added sugars. Treats like cakes, ice cream, cookies, and sweetened yogurts are not exempt. Consuming these sugar-sweetened liquid refreshments and edibles, especially the ones sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup, is strongly connected to weight gain Also conditions like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and fatty liver disease.

So, swap these sugary beverages with healthy drinks like herbal tea and water to help lose weight and decrease your risk of developing the conditions mentioned above. Make a habit of reading ingredient labels to determine if an item contains added sugar and look for “added sugars” or common sweeteners like cane sugar, agave, and high-fructose corn syrup on the nutrition facts label.


The old saying that there are many ways to skin a cat, so too are there many Weight Loss Methods that you can consider . Some of these Weight Loss Methods will work for you and some will not. There many reasons why, but you must find what works for you.

Why we care 


Pills for Weight Loss for Men over 50

Here we are in the 21st century and there is a pill for everything. Headache – Pill, Heart burn – Pill, Blood Pressure – Pill , Muscle Pain – Pill , even Sex Drive  – Pill . And fancy that there is even Pills for weight loss for Men over 50 … go figure that.

Pills for Weight Loss

These differing pill popping methods all claim to help you or make it easier for you to lose weight, mostly in conjunction with other weight loss methods.

There even ones that claim to be the holy grail – take a pill, change nothing in food intake and activity increase and you WILL lose weight.

So let’s dive in, an educate our selves on Pills for Weight Loss.

Firstly a Public Health notice

We must start with a visit with your health care provider or doctor, It is high recommended that you start with a plan you and your doctor have put together especially as we are over 50.

Prescription weight loss

Mostly this involves your physician prescribing oral or injectable medicals that control or curb your appetites. Normal prescribed if you are experiencing high Body Mass Index numbers and often High Blood Pressure.

Here’s is some of the most common prescription weight loss drugs:  orlistat, Belviq, Contrave, Saxenda, phentermine, and Qsymia

Diet Suppressants

Pills for Weight Loss

When you want to lose weight it’s often tempting to looking anywhere for some extra help. More people are now looking to using diet suppressants to stop the craving early .

These Anorectic type drugs reduces appetite resulting in lover food consumption.   Often these suppressants are part of a concoction of suppressant and metabolism enhancers

Natural Supplements

As we have all strive to lose weight, more and more people prefer to do it naturally …..seeing it’s a natural to put it on .  Many of these supplements include diet suppressants, as well as metabolism enhancers . This include caffeine,  Chitosan , Hooda, Ephedra eta.

The main concern is that many of these supplements are treated as herbal remedies and thus its buyer  be aware as there is not a lot of science behind these. In fact the FDA treats them as foods rather than medications they do not have to show how safe and effective their products are.

One does need to be cautious especially when you read for example of findings on one of the popular natural supplements in the market today.

The FDA banned supplements with Ephedra after the herb was linked to serious side effects, including:

  • Heart attack
  • Arrhythmia
  • Stroke
  • Psychosis
  • Seizures
  • Death

Synthetic Supplements

As the name says these supplements are created in the lab. These are extracted/isolated vitamins and or minerals that produced in the lab and often are standardized for potency .

We must break these down into 2 distinct categories.

  1.  Beneficial
  2.  Potential Dangerous

Beneficial Synthetically Supplements

These are chemically identical to their natural or whole food counterpart. So the body already knows how to metabolize these. The standardization make these an attractive alternative with superior absorption rates.

Examples;  Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) Vitamin B9, Lutein ( found in Kale and Spinach)

Potentially Dangerous Synthetically Supplements

These supplements are close to their natural pair but not identical and thus can be unrecognizable by the body and have reduced absorption rates .

Examples  Vitamin B12 ( Cyanocobalamin) Yes in MOST energy drinks , Vitamin E  Can even come from Petroleum products . Vitamin D


In the short term is can help by boosting the metabolic rate and this fat burning rate. BUT  yes there is a BUT it is a double edge sword , with it being a diuretic plus one builds up tolerance  .

And as we all know WATER, WATER, WATER is the basis of any dieting plan, so coffee actually works against Water.

Scientifically how ever there is no sound evidence that increase consumption results significant or permanent weight loss!!!!

The Pill Conclusion

Any one who has sat and watched TV after 12pm will be come bombard by the many claims that there is a simple way to lose wright and never exercise, eat as much as you like and all it will cost you is $29.95 plus shipping and handling, or you can have it free this month but next month hidden in the fine print is $69.95 per month auto bill to the credit care they ask to prove who you are!!!!

The bottom line is every one of us reacts differently to the any supplements we take, but we need to ensure we are not entrapped by the infomercial promises but rather coming from a place on clear judgment. Taking supplements that are beneficial to our personal well being. But also being Supplements and  Pills for Weight Loss.



Why we are here 

Why do we gain weight as we age especially for men who have crossed the magical 50s and Losing Weight After Turning 50 is hard

Have you found your belly growing in size as you age? Was it almost like your ultimate 50th birthday gift was belly fat and added pounds? Well, it gets relatively easier to gain weight as we age. Thus why we are talking about Losing Weight After Turning 50 Made Easy

Bottom Line:    Losing Weight After Turning 50 is hard 

The problem lies in many factors that add to your increased weight.


As we age, our body tends to decline in quality. Our organs are not at their best performance. A simple example is your eyes. You might be a 20/20 in your prime age, but as soon as you hit your 40s, you may develop a slight risk of being far-sighted.

Similarly, our other organs work in the same way. Gaining weight is one physiological mechanism towards which almost every single organ of our body contributes.

Consequently, once we gain weight, every single organ of the body is harmed, as well. However, the problem arises when you cross 50 because at that age losing weight is tough while gaining weight is way easier. This makes us wonder why do we gain weight as we age.


What Are The Underlying Factors That Contribute To Weight Gain?

Various factors lead to a person gaining weight. Visceral obesity, which is commonly known as belly fat, is a common recurrence in men who cross their 40s. After the 40s, your belly fat starts to accumulate, and by 50 there is a very high chance that you gain weight. But is there a way out? How can men over 50 loose weight?



Before you even start with management, prevention should be essential. Always remember that people who have a family history of obesity end up gaining weight from a very young age.

Obesity is one of the most common symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome. Therefore, if you have more than one family member suffering from either cardiovascular issues or diabetes, then you will be at great risk of gaining weight especially after you cross in your 50s.


Work Stress

Men in their 50s are mostly in authoritative positions within their work environment. Everyday stress from work adds to your weight gain massively.

Several studies done by researchers have shown that men who work in timely jobs are two times less likely to gain weight after crossing 50. Men who work in corporate firms and other intensive jobs gain weight due to stress, as many of them are working for over 80 hours per week.


This goes without saying because you are what you eat. Once you reach your 50s, your body’s resilience and strength decrease. It can no longer tolerate binge eating desserts and fast foods regularly.

The functionality of your body also decreases. Therefore, the body has a tough time regulating sugars and fats that you are consuming.

It is best to follow a strict diet plan. You should include a higher portion of proteins and fiber in your diet to overcome any risk of gaining weight. Avoid carbohydrates and fats as they tend to increase your weight at a much faster rate.

However, make sure that your diet is not cutting you off from consuming minerals and vitamins. You need healthy compounds to protect yourself from diseases and infections as you age because your immunity also weakens.

So keep in mind to have a healthy diet that mainly creates a calorie deficit.

Irregular Sleep Cycles

It is recommended to get six to eight hours of sleep. But a very significant point to note is that you need proper sleep. Disturbed sleep due to work emails or your phone buzzing with meeting messages is of no good use.

Get a proper sleep where you go to bed early and sleep without any distractions. Cut down on water consumption from 7 PM onwards so that you do not have to visit the bathroom so often. This will help in having an uninterrupted, good night’s sleep.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Workout, exercise, move! The impact a sedentary lifestyle has on your overall health is very harmful. Sitting on your couch watching TV for hours is damaging to your health.

Overcome your sedentary lifestyle by mobilizing your body more and more. It is ideal for working out for 30-40 minutes for five days a week. However, if you cannot do that, then go for a jog every morning.

Just remember it is important to move your body so you can burn fat even while doing everyday things. For instance, instead of the elevator, take the stairs or instead of driving to the grocery store, walk or even better ride a bicycle.


Smoking has significant health drawbacks, and one of them is smoking. It causes you to gain around five to ten pounds. Long-term smoking has damaging effects on your weight because it destroys healthy cells thereby, hampering their regulating functions.

Chronic Diseases

Weight gain is easier to get to someone who is suffering from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular issues and diabetes.

Your heart’s health is important because it is a major organ. Once there is fat deposition in your arteries due to your weight being elevated, a wide range of diseases start to attack you.

First of all, your blood pressure shoots, which is known as hypertension. There is an increased risk of stroke and brain hemorrhage due to this. Moreover, heart attacks are more common in men than women especially after you cross the age of 50 because the muscles of your heart weaken.

Diabetes causes a hormonal imbalance, which causes you to gain weight. Once your hormones are not functioning correctly then your body cannot regulate levels of glucose and fats in the body. Thus, it adds to obesity where the hormone disturbances make it tougher to lose weight.



Losing Weight After Turning 50 Made Easy is not that easy when all these factors are stacked up against us.  This why we need to support each other and the goal of this Web site is to help those of us that need help.

Why we care



How Can Men Over 50 Lose Weight

How Can Men Over 50 Lose Weight

You might have noticed that it becomes tougher to lose weight as we get older. Since 75% of people over 20 years of age are obese, therefore you can have an idea about how easy it is to gain weight and difficult to lose it once you start getting older. So lets find out How can men lose weight over 50.

What Causes Obesity in Men Over 50?

Once you cross the age of 50, there is a higher chance for you to suffer from a chronic medical condition. Most commonly, being overweight leads to having two primary diseases, hypertension and diabetes.

How can men loss weight over 50 - Am I really happy ?
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Overweight man laughing

Hypertension refers to elevated blood pressure that a person has due to high pressures withstanding in arteries for a long time. Anyone who is hypertensive has high levels of blood cholesterol. Your cholesterol levels tend to increase when you are consuming a greater amount of fats and carbohydrates.

Diabetes is also a disease that results from a hormonal imbalance in insulin. Insulin regulates blood sugar levels. If you are consuming too many sugars and the body cannot process it, then you ultimately have diabetes.

One thing is clear that having an unbalanced diet that is loaded with fats and carbohydrates is not an ideal choice for people who turn 50. You should include fats and carbs but in limited amounts.

Another thing which may cause obesity is a sedentary lifestyle which makes weight loss over 50s very tricky. If you don’t take the stairs instead of the elevator or do not incorporate working out into your routine, then the chances of gaining weight increase.

Unhealthy habits such as smoking can also contribute towards weight gain along with increased risk for various types of cancer.

Besides health and lifestyle-related problems, another point that should be noted is that being overweight sabotages your self-esteem. People feel under-confident about their body.

Control over Weight

Once you gain weight, you might find it tough to go back. As our body grows older, we lose the resilience our body initially has. However, there are still some things which we can control.

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Working on unhealthy habits
  • Lifestyle modifications

You might notice that there are some factors which are not directly linked to weight gain. Hence, we cannot completely control it. These factors include:

  • Genetics
  • Weight gain due to hormonal imbalance (PCOS, hypothyroidism, cortisol imbalance, etc.)

Effective Ways to Start With

Shedding the extra pounds that you have put on is tough, but it is not impossible.  How can men lose weight over 50 then ,  we will be sharing some quick ways of losing weight with you.

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Strength Training

When you indulge in strength training, the main target is the hormones which lead to balancing out a variety of medical conditions. Although cardio is an excellent option for weight loss, older people should focus more on strength training.

The loss of muscle mass from your body begins by the age of 50. It occurs at a rate of 1-2% every year. Therefore, it is essential to include such workouts in your routine that highlight gain of muscle mass.

Protein Intake

We all know that protein is one of the most essential elements in our body. Protein is a key factor when it comes to regeneration and replenishing the body.

It does not only help with weight loss but also helps in battling the loss of muscle mass as your age progresses.

Consuming Fiber

A brilliant option to consider when you are working on how to lose weight in your 50s is boosting your fiber intake. There are many reasons why this is considered important.

Firstly, fiber makes you feel fuller for a longer time. It stays inside your belly for a longer time. Thus, gastric emptying is slowed down.

Fiber also regulates contains loads of nutrients that help in weight loss.

Eat Less at Night

Studies have shown that people who consume fewer calories at night are two times less likely to be obese. This helps you to maintain your weight and stops you from having extra body fat.

People who consume food at night are at a risk of developing metabolic syndrome. Patients from suffering from metabolic syndrome have a round belly due to accumulation of visceral fat.

Moreover, they also have high blood pressure and raised levels of blood glucose.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

We cannot emphasize enough on how important this point is. While we are talking about hydration, it is also essential to know that you need to have the right source for hydration. Do not consume beverages, soft drinks, or juices.

Opt for healthier options like herbal teas, green tea, black tea, or even better, just water.

Sleep Quality

Get at least six to eight hours of sleep at night. You might feel that your sleep cycle does not have any significant effect on your weight pattern, but that’s not true. Many studies have revealed that getting enough sleep is vital to maintain a healthy weight.

Go to a Healthcare Practitioner

If you have failed to lose weight despite trying everything, then it might be time for you to check with a doctor. With a proper diet, intense workout and a few lifestyle modifications, you should see your pounds dropping. However, if you still can’t then go for a checkup.

Many diseases make it difficult to lose weight like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), hypothyroidism, etc. If you have other people in your family suffering from these diseases, then it is likely that you may have these conditions too.

Explain your symptoms to your healthcare provider. Then follow the tests they ask you to get done so you can reach your goals better.

Mental Training

Make yourself comfortable with your body image. You must know that many people suffer from obesity. Therefore, you are not alone.

Keep yourself motivated to reach your goals. Look at transformation stories of people who were once overweight but now have control over their bodies. This will help you in sticking to your goals. And we have shown how can men lose weight over 50.


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