Why do we gain weight as we age especially for men who have crossed the magical 50s and Losing Weight After Turning 50 is hard

Have you found your belly growing in size as you age? Was it almost like your ultimate 50th birthday gift was belly fat and added pounds? Well, it gets relatively easier to gain weight as we age. Thus why we are talking about Losing Weight After Turning 50 Made Easy

Bottom Line:    Losing Weight After Turning 50 is hard 

The problem lies in many factors that add to your increased weight.


As we age, our body tends to decline in quality. Our organs are not at their best performance. A simple example is your eyes. You might be a 20/20 in your prime age, but as soon as you hit your 40s, you may develop a slight risk of being far-sighted.

Similarly, our other organs work in the same way. Gaining weight is one physiological mechanism towards which almost every single organ of our body contributes.

Consequently, once we gain weight, every single organ of the body is harmed, as well. However, the problem arises when you cross 50 because at that age losing weight is tough while gaining weight is way easier. This makes us wonder why do we gain weight as we age.


What Are The Underlying Factors That Contribute To Weight Gain?

Various factors lead to a person gaining weight. Visceral obesity, which is commonly known as belly fat, is a common recurrence in men who cross their 40s. After the 40s, your belly fat starts to accumulate, and by 50 there is a very high chance that you gain weight. But is there a way out? How can men over 50 loose weight?



Before you even start with management, prevention should be essential. Always remember that people who have a family history of obesity end up gaining weight from a very young age.

Obesity is one of the most common symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome. Therefore, if you have more than one family member suffering from either cardiovascular issues or diabetes, then you will be at great risk of gaining weight especially after you cross in your 50s.


Work Stress

Men in their 50s are mostly in authoritative positions within their work environment. Everyday stress from work adds to your weight gain massively.

Several studies done by researchers have shown that men who work in timely jobs are two times less likely to gain weight after crossing 50. Men who work in corporate firms and other intensive jobs gain weight due to stress, as many of them are working for over 80 hours per week.


This goes without saying because you are what you eat. Once you reach your 50s, your body’s resilience and strength decrease. It can no longer tolerate binge eating desserts and fast foods regularly.

The functionality of your body also decreases. Therefore, the body has a tough time regulating sugars and fats that you are consuming.

It is best to follow a strict diet plan. You should include a higher portion of proteins and fiber in your diet to overcome any risk of gaining weight. Avoid carbohydrates and fats as they tend to increase your weight at a much faster rate.

However, make sure that your diet is not cutting you off from consuming minerals and vitamins. You need healthy compounds to protect yourself from diseases and infections as you age because your immunity also weakens.

So keep in mind to have a healthy diet that mainly creates a calorie deficit.

Irregular Sleep Cycles

It is recommended to get six to eight hours of sleep. But a very significant point to note is that you need proper sleep. Disturbed sleep due to work emails or your phone buzzing with meeting messages is of no good use.

Get a proper sleep where you go to bed early and sleep without any distractions. Cut down on water consumption from 7 PM onwards so that you do not have to visit the bathroom so often. This will help in having an uninterrupted, good night’s sleep.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Workout, exercise, move! The impact a sedentary lifestyle has on your overall health is very harmful. Sitting on your couch watching TV for hours is damaging to your health.

Overcome your sedentary lifestyle by mobilizing your body more and more. It is ideal for working out for 30-40 minutes for five days a week. However, if you cannot do that, then go for a jog every morning.

Just remember it is important to move your body so you can burn fat even while doing everyday things. For instance, instead of the elevator, take the stairs or instead of driving to the grocery store, walk or even better ride a bicycle.


Smoking has significant health drawbacks, and one of them is smoking. It causes you to gain around five to ten pounds. Long-term smoking has damaging effects on your weight because it destroys healthy cells thereby, hampering their regulating functions.

Chronic Diseases

Weight gain is easier to get to someone who is suffering from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular issues and diabetes.

Your heart’s health is important because it is a major organ. Once there is fat deposition in your arteries due to your weight being elevated, a wide range of diseases start to attack you.

First of all, your blood pressure shoots, which is known as hypertension. There is an increased risk of stroke and brain hemorrhage due to this. Moreover, heart attacks are more common in men than women especially after you cross the age of 50 because the muscles of your heart weaken.

Diabetes causes a hormonal imbalance, which causes you to gain weight. Once your hormones are not functioning correctly then your body cannot regulate levels of glucose and fats in the body. Thus, it adds to obesity where the hormone disturbances make it tougher to lose weight.



Losing Weight After Turning 50 Made Easy is not that easy when all these factors are stacked up against us.  This why we need to support each other and the goal of this Web site is to help those of us that need help.

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