Weight Watchers – Atkins … let the battle begin

Let’s talk about the matriarchs of the Weight Loss,   Weight Watchers, Atkins.!!

These two titans of organized weight loss have been around for well over 50 years between them. Often remembered as the go-to weight loss for our mother’s generation. Or perhaps it was the generation before we need to lose weight!

So let’s look at them and how they evolved and where they fit into days Weight Loss industry.

Weight Watchers were created in 1963 it’s primary role was weight loss planning, recipes, food, and ongoing support. With users buying into a subscription model for access to plans, recipes and support meetings. Thes meetings were the precursor of today’s Noom model of online support in an era before the internet.

The official WW website makes three promises to new dieters who are looking to take on “healthy habits for real life”:

Eat what you love.
Discover total wellness.
Join the community.

As time went on WW developed food delivery along with purchase at store food items. Have a look at the frozen or healthy food isles at your local supermarket. Now it has evolved through to “eating management”, developing tailored options to meet the varying needs of its members, including a specialized food plan for the management of weight-loss plateaus, and a maintenance plan

The core tenant is to change the eating habits by initial simple dieting.  But over time it has evolved into eating management, food delivery, The weekly meetings have also changed from the small circle meetings in the local library to all online with personal coaches and focus groups.

Atkins has always been all about counting. The Atkins Diet was developed by a cardiologist, who recommended patients limit their sugar and carb intake.

…limits carbohydrates (sugar), so the body burns fat, including body fat, for fuel. This approach leaves the body steadily fueled, and weight is lost, even when more calories are being consumed. Steady fueling also means more constant energy levels all day long, and less hunger and cravings! You can actually lose weight while feeling full! 
Dr. Robert Atkins in the 1970s

The diet works primarily on a points basis, where all foods are given point values and a user adheres to a planned point total dependant on the desired result. People like as it allows cheats days and the ability to skip and change by compensating.

It’s always a hoot to see all the Atkins people shopping .. searching for points.

Is there really a difference


Weight Watchers Atkins



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